alien abduction - 600 x 900  The Alcantaran Series


box set 1The Alcantaran Series Box set

Dragon's Healing color mod  Dragon’s Healing Series

The Leprechaun Collection  Leprechaun and Fantasy short stories



Wanted 2  Wanted series.



Winfred's Star  Winifred’s Star


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Dragon’s Healing

Dragon’s Healing   Book 1    A wounded dragon from another dimension shows up in Mac McGuiness’ hunting spot. He could forgive that but not bringing the disgusting other creatures with him, especially when those brutes kidnap his grandson. Can Mac and the dragon form a partnership to run the monsters back into their own dimension …

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It Was This Big

Leprechaun and Fantasy Short Stories

  The Leprechaun Collection    A collection of three Leprechaun stories:  The Leprechaun’s Gift, It Was This Big and The Alchemist Secret. Available only in print.   The Leprechaun’s Gift    Cheyenne was having a terrible day.  Her two best friends had abandoned her and joined with the new girl.  They all three had played …

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The Alcantaran Series

    Alien Challenge   The Prequel    A damaged spaceship lands in Pete and Linda Collins’ pasture.  The three aliens inside it want to trade.  Pete would like to oblige but a corrupt president and his crooked advisers want to capture the aliens and spaceship for their own enrichment.   Can the Collins keep them from stealing …

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