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Coming soon.  Another story about Ron, Gus and Tik.




Wanted AHome

   Josh Gunn and his partners locate and retrieve items or people all over the universe.  Not many challenges defied them for long.

   But getting a spaceship load of sex slaves back to their own planets or to a new home is proving to be tougher than they ever dreamed.  Everything they do is draining more of their money and resources.

   A chance to earn twenty million credits for retrieving some artifacts seems simple enough but reality proves otherwise.  The people lurking in the sidelines could disrupt all of their best laid plans.

It’s here. 

Book 4 in the Wanted Series



     No good deed goes unpunished. Josh Gunn and his partners were finding this axiom very true. They just wanted to get the slaves home and go back to bounty hunting. They had control of the sex slave spaceship but it contained a load of problems that threatened to boil over into a riot. On top of that, slavers, pirates, a crime lord and the Charter Navy were looking for them.  Josh and Cherry needed all their wits and skills to pull off this rescue.