The Big Gamble   The Lucky Dawson Series

THE MIZZOURI KID - 600 X 900   The Mizzouri Kid Series


battle for No Man's Land 2500  A tale of hardship and perseverance

   Slim Raymond had a good business and a good wife but he couldn’t measure up to his father-in-law.  He talked his wife into moving to a new land where the land was free for the taking.  The only problem was holding on to it.  If Mother Nature or the insects or the animals didn’t try to get it back, there were the Road Trotters.  They were the worst plague of all.

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Golden Vengeance high res

The Lucky Dawson Series

Golden Vengeance   Book 1    Lucky Dawson knew that he should have just kept on riding.  How could a little conversation, a meal and a card game lead to a hanging.  His hanging to be exact.  In 1875, Montanans didn’t like card cheats but he wasn’t one.  He was just, well, lucky.  The other players …

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Call to Action

The Mizzouri Kid Series

Birth of a Gunfighter   Book 1     John, a fifteen year old, with a talent for horses, mules and guns met Shorty who taught him a new way to use a gun.  While freighting, they ran into some of the worst of the Indian Nation’s bad men.  Those bad men found nothing but misery from the …

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